Sunday, November 11, 2012

Orkney Islands part 2.

Well I have eventually got around to posting more photos from our cruise around the British Isles.
After we left the Standing Stones of Stenness we went to the ancient village of Skara Brae.

The houses were built sunken into the ground.

It felt strange to be walking where people were known to have lived thousands of years ago.

This is one of the passageways into the houses that has been reconstructed using the original stonework.

Skara Brae is right on the coast with beautiful views.

Although the sky was blue it was very cold and windy and I would think, very bleak in the winter.

Leaving there and heading for Broch of Gurness we passed some workers digging peat.

The Broch is the central building and the dwellings were built around it and it dates from 100BC.

Leaving the Broch of Gurness we headed back to Kirkwall.

St. Magnus Cathedral Kirkwall.

As we returned to our ship, the pipers were there to see us go.
Next stop will be #
Edinburgh Scotland.