We love to cruise and this will show our travels. Of course there will also be other photos of non cruise holidays and anything else that takes my fancy. All photos can be clicked to enlarge.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Norwegian Fjords June 2015 - Andalsnes

Our next port was Andalsnes and if you think it looks cold you would be right!
Every stop we made we were told it was colder than usual and it had snowed a couple of days before we got there. The only exception was Stavanger earlier in the cruise where it was quite warm in the sun.
We got off the ship and walked around the town, so these photos like most during this cruise are all about the scenery.


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Norwegian Fjords June 2015 - Flam.

Our next call was to Flam and once again there is no need for many words. It's all about the scenery.
Photos 1-4 are the approach along the Aurlandsfjord., a branch of the huge Sognefjord.

Once we got there we took a half day sightseeing tour. We went through many tunnels and our guide joked that if a Norse man sees a mountain he has to build a tunnel through it.
It certainly seemed that way.

Photos 5-10 are taken during the tour.

The following photos are sailing back down the fjord.

In the distance I could see a statue which I later found out was of the Fridtjov the Bold overlooking Sognefjord.
The statue stands in a country park and was a gift from Emperor Wilhem II in 1913.

I zoomed in but the photo isn't very clear. There is a much better photo in the link above.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Norwegian Fjords June 2015 - Leaving Olden.

No words needed to describe the following photos. Just enjoy the lovely scenery and snow capped mountains as we sailed down the fjord leaving Olden behind us.


Monday, November 12, 2018

Norwegian Fjords June 2015 - Olden

The next morning was scenic cruising to Olden.

When we got there we had a short tour booked. No need for words, it's all about the views.