Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mediterranean and Adriatic Cruise October 2012 - Venice

Our next stop after Malta was Venice. The last time we were there it rained and we were hoping for better weather this time.

The following photos are early morning sailing down the Grand Canal.
All good so far, dull but dry. We had some breakfast before going ashore for the day. The next photos are all various views around the city of Venice.

The canals are a beautiful setting for a wedding.
One of the many shops that sell the beautiful porcelain masks.
St Mark's Square.
The astronomical clock.
The Rialto Bridge, and yes, it was raining!
A last look as we took the water taxi back to where our ship was docked.
Next port of call will be Split, Croatia.


  1. breathtakingly beautiful! Isn't amazing how they can build such enormous structures right on the water???
    I bet that bride had some of the most exquisite wedding photos ever!

  2. St Mark's square is beautiful, and I wonder that there is no flooding in these buildings...picture 6 rocks....the water is so blue !! great photography job !


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