Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Wordless Wednesday

Madeira. The taxi driver told us the church in the distance was the Church of Cristiano Ronaldo. I suspected he was joking! The footballer comes from Madeira and they live and breathe him there. Sorry, I am not a football fan though.

I am joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for the blog hop.



  1. Gosh, what a stunning view. Maybe the footballer makes generous contributions to the church's upkeep. (I don't follow football/soccer, either, though I've enjoyed watching FIFA games in the past.)

  2. What a beautiful view. And what a huge green plant. Do you know what is it?
    I am parallel with the football game!
    Happy WW and a fine week!

  3. We are not big fans of the sport, but we know that name.

  4. Whatever that building in the distance is, it's a lovely view. Also enjoyed the flowering plant.

  5. A most beautiful place. Hubby and I are not fans of football either.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday, Jackie. Big hug. ♥

  6. What a lovely photo and view :-)
    Have a Madeiratastic week 👍

  7. Lovely composed photo ~ very creative ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  8. The view is gorgeous!
    Is the green plant Aloe?! Actually, it doesn't matter 😊 - she's beautiful!
    I wish you nice days!

  9. That really is a wonderful view!

  10. That's lovely! It is amazing how sports stars become such heroes.

  11. Beautiful photo. I am not into any sports. :) XO

  12. What a wonderful view. I'm not a footie fan either and now the World Cup's started there's no getting away from it!

  13. WOW! Such a pretty view!
    Love the photo, Jackie.


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