Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Iguanas on St, Thomas.

The Emerald Princess in Crown Bay Harbour.

We returned to St. Thomas after the first cruise and I remembered seeing many iguanas lying on the rocks in the sun when we were there 10 days earlier. I took my camera this time hoping they would be there again and they didn't disappoint.

They seemed to pose for the camera.

and saw no fear of humans.
I can see four in this photo, but when I took it, I am sure there were more. Maybe they scuttled away quickly without me noticing or have blended so well into their surroundings that I can't see them.

This one chose the whitest rock to show off his green colouring.

After that it was back to the ship for a glass of wine.

Yes, it is okay, your toes are all still there!

And no, you won't see the iguanas from there.


Team Tabby said...

You managed to get some great shots of those scary looking iguanas!

Marg said...

I have never seen a real picture of an iguana. How exciting. That is one big gigantic boat. What a great picture. We are enjoying seeing your trip.