Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Med and Adriatic Cruise October 2012, Corfu, Greece.

We arrived in Corfu to rain! We had booked a tour around the island so went out prepared to get wet.

We were heading for the Achillean Palace and on the way we passed Pontikonisi Island popularly known as Mouse Island with the Convent of Vlachernas in the foreground.

We soon arrived at the Palace and the rain had eased a bit by then.

There are many statues there.

The most famous being Achilles pulling the spear from his heel.

A mural above the staircase inside the Palace.

The Palace and grounds were lovely but the weather prevented us walking around the gardens as much as we would have liked to.

Our next stop was the Byzantine monastery at Paleokastritsa which dates back to 1228.

The views from the monastery are beautiful.

We had been on this same tour 2 years earlier so knew there would be a lot of stray cats being cared for by the nuns at the monastery. I packed my bag with cold meats and salmon from the ship's buffet at breakfast time so I would be prepared for lots of hungry kitties this time.

This one may have been little but he could more than stand his ground against the older cats.

Although they all seemed hungry, I think it was more that they were making sure they got a share of the food as none looked malnourished.
After we left the monastery we were taken to a local hotel for a typical Greek lunch, then time to look around Corfu Town before we went back to the ship.

As the sun had come out we decided to have afternoon tea on the balcony.
That evening we sailed for Gibraltar. We have been there several times before so just use it as a place to stock up on our duty frees to take home.

The Rock of Gibraltar.
And from there was another sea day and then our arrival back in Southampton.

To Follow: Caribbean Islands and Transatlantic crossing April/May 2013.


  1. "Mouse Island??" Did you tell Flynn about this?? lol!
    OMG this is my DREAM CRUISE! I am obsessed with all things Greek (I minored in Philosophy and majored in Rhetoric), one day I will get there!
    That was so sweet of you to provide food for those kitties. I know Greece has a huge amount of feral cats, so sad.
    Your photos are delightful!!

  2. the checker board floor and the monastery are beautiful; and imagine the monastery being built back then....bet it stays another 1000 plus years, sure wont see any churches or homes we build "today" around then and we have...equipment...

    and the fact all of the cats are cared for is way cool !! I bet they get a LOT of salmon from cruise ships :) !!


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