Monday, June 23, 2014

Transatlantic cruise April 2013 The Azores cont.

We left the smell of the sulphur behind us and went to higher ground where the road was bordered with a lovely azalea hedge.

From here we could look down on Lake Furnas.

Below is the car park we had been in when we went to the boiling mud pots.

You can see them in the top right corner.

A last look at Lake Furnas from above before we made our way to our next stop.

More of the azaleas bordering the road.

This is a tea plantation.

The Azores is not a place we had associated with tea growing before.

Afterwards we went inside where the black and green tea could be sampled. I cannot drink tea, but Ivor assured me it tasted good.
 Tea leaf sorting machinery.

From there we headed back along the cliffs towards Ponta Delgada.
We asked the driver to drop us in the town so we could have a look around on the short walk back to the ship.

The Town Hall.
We left the Azores for several sea days as we headed for Dublin.

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  1. jackie...the azalea hedge are beautiful; wish I could grow then here !! and boy if you had fear of heights; the car lot picture.... would killa ya !!!! I really like the cliff scenes and look forward to seeing dublin when you get them posted !! ♥ laura


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