Friday, September 5, 2014

British Isles Cruise July 2013 - Kirkwall Orkney Islands.

After leaving Northern Ireland we headed for the Scottish Orkney Islands and Kirkwall. As we had been there before and taken a full day tour with a local guide, this time we decided to stay in the town and look at the sights there. You can see our previous photos of the island here and here.

The harbour where the cruise ships dock.

The above three photos were all taken from the ship before we went ashore.

On our way walking around the town we found the Orkney Museum and spent some time in there.

Behind the museum is Tankerness House Gardens.

Doesn't look the most comfortable of seats......

or is it?

As it was a very hot day we passed quite a while there enjoying the sun and the scenery.

Then it was back to the ship and off to our last port of call, Invergordon.

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  1. it's OK to exhale now ivor !!!!! ♥♥♥♥

    jackie, I missed this batch some how; the angle of the lady photo bombing !!! the seat... makes it look HUGE


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