Monday, September 1, 2014

British Isles Cruise July 2013 - Co. Antrim N. Ireland

Before leaving home I had booked a private tour in Northern Ireland and we were part of a party of 18. The minibus was waiting for us at the dock and we set off towards Ballintoy.

These photos are not as clear as I would have liked as they are taken through the windscreen of the minibus as are some later photos.
We took the scenic coastal road towards the Giant's Causeway.

On the way we had a short stop to look down on the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.

Then on to the Giant's Causeway.

You can read the entertaining legend of the giant Finn McCool here

We had seen photos of the basalt pillars before, but it was only when we saw them close up that we realised just how big they are. Some are 12 metres (almost 40 feet.)

After a good walk around and a visit to the visitor centre we reboarded the minibus to head towards the Bushmills Irish whiskey distillery and lunch which will follow in the next post.

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  1. Jackie...I have a book about Finn somewhere in the "libary"...
    { shelves of books collected over the years }

    that story is hilarious and probably Godzilla his self would turn and run if he saw a "baby".... 54 feet big !!

    these are great shots; thanx for sharing; love number three

    it IS hard to believe some of the pillars are that tall...and it took me a minute to remember why the road signs are on the left !!


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