Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Baltics Cruise July/August 2014 Russia Pt. 5 The Hermitage 2.

I was originally going to do The Hermitage all in one post but as there are so many I decided to split it into two parts.
This post includes some of the huge amount of art. There is some blur and reflection as a lot of it is behind protective glass.

The Great Throne Room.

Catherine's Hanging Gardens which are at second floor height and link the north and south wings.

Well that is it from inside The Hermitage.
I still have more photos from St. Petersburg as well as some more places we visited on that cruise but I need to take a break from them and post some more recent trips we took in the UK first.

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  1. I think I'd be afraid to walk in here for fear of knocking something over. Even the floor is immaculate ~~ The paintings are magnificent; you sure don't see artistry like that anymore ~~~~ !!♥♥


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