Thursday, October 3, 2019

Ireland Road Trip Part 7 Kenmare 1st Day

Next day we awoke to torrential rain and howling winds.
The B&B owner said there was no need to rush off as there was no-one coming to have our room that night, so we spent a leisurely morning hoping the rain would ease. It was only about 60 miles to our next B&B so we left about midday.
On the way we saw a sign saying Molly Gallivan's cottage "open".
We thought if anyone was brave enough to open in that weather we would take a look.

"Molly Gallivan’s 200 year old Cottage & Traditional farm is a family run Visitor Centre. At Molly Gallivan’s you will experience the simple country lifestyle in rural Ireland before the days of electricity & modern conveniences. Her farm is complete with animals, fowl & traditional farm machinery. On the farm you will also visit the ghostly ruins of a family dwelling from the era of the Great Famine and a Neolithic Stone Row that forms part of an ancient sun calendar."

The lines visible in this photo is the rain!

The Druid and the sun calendar carved from a pine tree. (With rain spots on the camera)

Sheen Valley.
Then it was onto Kenmare to dry off!


  1. Everything sure is nice, even with the rain. We love the stream and the falls!

  2. A different way of life. Such small rooms. That was the thing back in the day.

    Wonderful adventure you had. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  3. Dad always wanted to live like that. Ah dreams

  4. what a fascinating cottage !!! weezer would have loved to have visited this; it's too bad they didn't know about this back when they went. its a shame the day was spoiled by rain { wonder how the country fared this past week with lorenzo headed that way } I have a sheep skin just like the one hanging on the rocker; I THINK it came from cork. :) ♥♥♥

  5. Like the Lakes, Eire seems to have plenty of the rain, LOL
    That house /home looks much like a Black House in Scotland; dark dank and with little comforts. We are soo lucky theses days.


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