Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Norwegian Fjords June 2015 - Alesund.

After leaving the Lofoten Islands we had a day at sea heading south again. Our next port was Alesund.
Fjellstua viewpoint.

Alesund harbour.

The ship docks right in the town which makes it very convenient to visit.
We saw there was an open top bus doing a tour of the area so we decided to get on.
The following are photos taken from the top of the bus.

The sky was blue and the fjord even bluer, but I can assure you that upstairs on that open air bus, we were freezing!

The beautiful Fjellstua viewpoint to looking down on Alesund and the fjord.

The fisher boy statue in Pharmacy Square. The brown building is the Art Nouveau Centre where visitors can learn more about the great fire when most of the town was burnt and since rebuilt.

Alesund church which was built in 1909 to replace the original church which was destroyed in the Great Town Fire of 1904.

The yellow building in the background which looks like a castle is actually a school!

So that's it for our fjords cruise during the summer solstice.
It was a strange feeling to go outside at night and see the sun still shining. Now I want to go back in the winter months to see the Northern Lights!

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  1. how high up were you here ? photo 6; houses look like ants !!! they must have a "wealthy" education system for the school to look like that !!☺☺


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