Saturday, December 1, 2018

Norwegian Fjords June 2015 - Honningsvag.

Our next stop was Honningsvag which is the port for visiting the North Cape (Nordkapp). I wanted some stamps so we went into the large store where we were docked.

It was certainly different to the shops at home with the stuffed animals amongst the souvenirs etc.

We had been here before and taken a trip to the North Cape, so this time we just walked around the harbour.

Really, unless you take a trip from here there is not much to see, but we always like to get off and stretch our legs.

Views taken from the ship.

Looking down from our balcony. The building in the front is the shop we went into.

Leaving Honningsvag.

North Cape. You can just see the visitor centre  on the right hand edge of the cliffs.

I zoomed in on the visitor centre as we passed it.

The midnight sun. This photo was taken a few minutes before midnight.
Next stop is Tromso.

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  1. looks crowded; almost like they are attempting to build away from shore. I know everyone has their weather woes, but I'd be fearful of landslide or avalanche living 5


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