Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Norwegian Fjords June 2015 - Gradval, Lofoten Islands.

Our next port was Gradval in the Lofoten Islands which was a Tender port.

We watched the boats while we waited for the next tender boat to take us ashore.

Even though we had gone further north into the Arctic Circle, the weather had become a little warmer and much sunnier.

When we got ashore we walked through the village and over to some moorland.

The scenery as everywhere was beautiful.

I found these tiny Alpine like flowers which I found were Arctic Starflowers.

Hare's Tail which looked like balls of cotton.

As we were walking back towards the pier the clouds came right down on the mountain and it looked like we might be getting wet.

They lifted as fast as they came though and it was a return of the sunshine.

As we sat on the pier waiting for a tender, we watched them ferrying people forward and back.

At last it was our turn to return after a lovely day exploring the island.

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  1. snow on the mountain tops yet blooming flowers at your feet; the starflowers remind me of the daffodil we see here; they are neat !!♥♥


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